XII Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival

SYNTHETIC SNOWThirteenth International festival of alternative electronic music SYNTHETIC SNOW will take place on December 12 two dance floors of Moscow club “Teatr” – from 18.00 till the morning are waiting for you the best group stage performances and thematic DJ sets!
Festival SYNTHETIC SNOW – an event that has become a mandatory annual tradition – it has long been more than just a concert with the participation of major international headliners and new promising artists of dark scenes. First of all, it’s a real treat for all fans of synth-pop, electronic industrial and related genres from Russia and abroad – always with trepidation awaited meeting of friends who once joined the music.
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Roboelka in Sokolniki

RoboelkaThe most modern, fantasy, experimental and unusual Christmas tree to be held this season in CEC Sokolniki. By visiting it, you celebrate the New Year in an original, fun and informative. In addition to watching the fascinating tale of friendship and dreams Roboelki visitors to plunge into the multimedia space Eric Joyner – famous illustrator of Hollywood, put your own experiments, collect personal robot, and even see the huge flying donuts! In addition, guests will be organized a special presentation Roboyarmarka, where you can buy unusual gifts for relatives and friends of all ages.
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Eve Cornelius

Eve CorneliusThis is rarely true of voice, but vocal dark-skinned American Eve Cornelius has not only bewitching beauty, but also warm, very good sense of humor. The quality required to turn an ordinary blues into an art. Giving Eve Cornelius – a perfect sense of swing and perfect sense of proportion. Virtuoso scat in her performance sounds only where it is needed. The undisputed leader on the stage Yves never sticks out in front of his person ensemble. And this is – the key to a perfect Union, which enjoys everyone in the auditorium. Apparently, not in vain critic of the prestigious magazine «Jazz Times» Willard Jenkins, named Eve most worthy heir to the great Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn.
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«Classic girls» – From Vivaldi to Rock: Vivaldi, Bach, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana

Classic girlsNew creative project was created in 2011, musician and producer Nikolay Grigoryan.

Group «Classic girls» – one of the most striking and original groups in Russia and abroad, working in the genre classics with a modern twist.

Group «Classic girls» – that’s four young, bright and talented young women playing on the electronic violin, viola, cello and keyboards classical pieces with a modern twist. All the participants of the group are high-end and unique performers. The girls finished the Moscow State. Conservatory and graduate school, are winners of many international competitions.
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GARBAGEBand Garbage arrives in Russia in the framework of a world tour to celebrate November 11 in Crocus City Hall twentieth anniversary release of his first album.

One of the style-forming groups of the late twentieth century in Russia GARBAGE celebrate the anniversary of the release of his debut multi-platinum album «Garbage». This innovative album revolutionized the genre of alternative, it began with a wave of alternative rock with female vocals, based on strong visual images. Drive more than a year spent in the US and UK charts and reached the 20th place in the charts around the world. The album includes the hits for many years to define the style of a variety of musical ensembles, – «Stupid Girl», «Only Happy When It Rains», «Vow» and, of course, «Queer». The album sold around the world with four million copies. It is worthy causes to dedicate the debut album world tour. The tour is named after one of the most popular and perhaps the most characteristic song Garbage «20 Years Queer».
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Goran Bregovic and Pelagia

Goran BregovicExclusive concert by Goran Bregovic in Russia with Russian pop stars
November 10 in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall stage on the eve of the release of his new album, Goran Bregovic, the recognized king of Balkan music, will present a new concert program.
Maestro join the Yugoslav special guest of the concert – Princess recognized Russian folk – Pelagia with his musicians, winners of international competitions. Continue Reading

YourSki Band

YourSki BandMusic stylist YourSki Band (abbr. Of Yuri Terletski Band) – is a modern jazz, that is, modern instrumental music author whose genres that range from funky and modern blues to fusion, jazz rock, etc.
The leader and founder of the project Yuri Terletskii until 2004, eight years he lived and worked in Sydney, Australia. There he toured and participated in festivals and recorded several solo albums, received rave reviews from music publications rating.
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Flamenco theater “Andalucia”

flamenco theater "Andalucia"Spanish flamenco theater “Andalucia” – host of the most famous Spanish artists from Granada, working in the genre of flamenco. Performance “The Magic of Flamenco”, which was brought by the Spaniards in Russia – it is a new story, costumes and actors. Statement made in the style zarzuelly – native Spanish genre that combines the performance of vocalists, dialogue and dance inserts. This combination, along with the usual Andalusian Atmospheric immerses the viewer in the Spain of the 17th century and gives a sense of belonging to someone else at the same time close, the hot Spanish culture. Tickets for the performance of “The Magic of Flamenco” sold out quickly – Have time to buy and enjoy the atmosphere of Spanish culture.
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