XII Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival

SYNTHETIC SNOWThirteenth International festival of alternative electronic music SYNTHETIC SNOW will take place on December 12 two dance floors of Moscow club “Teatr” – from 18.00 till the morning are waiting for you the best group stage performances and thematic DJ sets!
Festival SYNTHETIC SNOW – an event that has become a mandatory annual tradition – it has long been more than just a concert with the participation of major international headliners and new promising artists of dark scenes. First of all, it’s a real treat for all fans of synth-pop, electronic industrial and related genres from Russia and abroad – always with trepidation awaited meeting of friends who once joined the music.
As always – positive sea, only the most animated electronic music, synthetic sound and real emotions! Only one evening and only one night of the year when the new capital will be covered SYNTHETIC SNOW!

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – German band that started with the performance of rough, but very melodic, electro-industrial and became famous in 1999, thanks to the hit with the characteristic title «Industrial Love». Pereslushivaya rich discography of the group today, it can be found as a fairly straight EBM-work and epic electro-gothic, intricate experimental albums, recorded in conjunction with the IDM-project Hecq, the influence of dub-step, and even the composition «Morpheus», the chorus of which is a fragment from a poem by AS Pushkin “to sleep.” However, in spite of everything IN STRICT CONFIDENCE able to carry through time and experimentation all its main recognizable features, and live band easily leads his old and new songs to a common denominator. In Moscow, the group will present a special program «Vintage Show» c focus on electronic sounds and classic hits!
FADERHEAD – phenomenal electronic project from Hamburg, who came out of nowhere, suddenly shot in 2006 club hit «The Protagonist», and in the next few years become one of the major suppliers of industrial dance militants on the dance floor. One year later, with even greater force in all underground discos thundered song «Dirtygrrrls / Dirtybois», and after another year the Internet blew clip «Tzdv», in which, besides the musicians Faderhead, you can see the group members Combichrist, And One, VNV Nation and others. Today, on account Faderhead issued several albums and numerous appearances at major festivals and even a computer game, which can be downloaded from the official website of the group. The secret of success of the project – a successful combination of a club and industrial electronics with great vocals, rough humor, biting melodies and a healthy share of aggression. There is not much to think about, you just need to give vent to their emotions and dance to a complete loss of power!
Musicians Danish group PRIVATE PACT five years concentrating their forces in creating an atmosphere of neo-romanticism, new wave and koldveyva eighties – and as a result achieve a gentle melancholy sound, which reads light longing for unfulfilled dreams, feelings of loneliness and alienation. So far, the group released one album, «Purity», which has already been presented at concerts in Denmark, Latvia, Russia and Germany, where he had a chance PRIVATE PACT act on the main stage of a large festival M’era Luna. Currently preparing to release a new album, songs from which, perhaps for the first time can be heard in the XIII Synthetic Snow!
Founder and author of the music of female electronic duo NINA was born in Berlin, began singing at the age of six years old, a teenager fascinated by music, Depeche Mode, and later moved to London, where he launched a musical project name itself. The road to success was not long. Even a year after the release of the first single, «We Are The Wild» NINA fell open concert US tour Erasure, and the next single «My Mistake» became part of the soundtrack for the film “How to win Vegas” and the advertising company Mercedes Benz. The next first visit charming duet in Russia! Sparkling synth composition and gentle vocals NINA will find a review in the hearts of lovers of high-quality synth-music, especially those who are not indifferent to the creation of groups such as Client, and Ladytron.
COLD IN MAY – Belarusian artist whose debut album «Gone Away With The Memories» was one of the most exciting discoveries in 2011 not only in the post-Soviet stage, but also far beyond its borders. Quality sound, distinctive atmosphere, stunning vocals and hits the material at the intersection of electronics and rock – these are the main features of Cold In May. This year promises to be a turning point for the group and the surprise of many of her fans: Cold In May, not only radically renewed their live line-up, but also preparing to release its first Russian-language album, which will feature songs from the stage of the festival.

12 December 2015 18:00
Club Teatr

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