Roboelka in Sokolniki

RoboelkaThe most modern, fantasy, experimental and unusual Christmas tree to be held this season in CEC Sokolniki. By visiting it, you celebrate the New Year in an original, fun and informative. In addition to watching the fascinating tale of friendship and dreams Roboelki visitors to plunge into the multimedia space Eric Joyner – famous illustrator of Hollywood, put your own experiments, collect personal robot, and even see the huge flying donuts! In addition, guests will be organized a special presentation Roboyarmarka, where you can buy unusual gifts for relatives and friends of all ages.

Well, get on a robotic celebration can be anyone: just buy tickets at prices Roboelku organizer at the box office in Sokolniki The main hero of the program will be a celebrity – the robot Titan. This Iron Man starred on television, became the guest of honor at the concerts, traveling the world and was now in Moscow. He wants to know why there are so fond of the New Year and celebrate it together with the boys and girls.

Guests interactive Roboelki will need to help the Titans, the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus to make complicated scientific expertise to bring back the magic and not to give the New Year disappear. Various tests include solving puzzles, tricks and a variety of educational games in the company of the protagonists of the holiday.

1.5 hours before the fabulous performances of Titan held entertaining sideshow, which simply can not miss. Christmas tree in Sokolniki, of course, offers the child a memorable gift to please: Iron toy robot and a set of chocolates. The gift can be purchased on the spot.

If your child is less than 3 years, at the celebratory event it can go without a ticket, finishing one place with an adult. Show Roboelka recommended for children from 3 to 12 years. Do not miss one of the best New Year’s events capital, no wonder it is regularly ranked in the top five submissions Moscow.

10 December 2015 10:00
CEC Sokolniki

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