Gear. Mechanical heart

«GEAR. Mechanical heart “- a theater, dance, circus and magic of light on stage.
«GEAR. Mechanical heart “- a wonderful, exciting show; performance, going without a word, available for all ages and with no language barriers. This is one of the few productions that managed to embody the whole palette of genres of the performing arts, from classical allegory Kabuki – to the magic of pantomime – to advanced special effects.

«GEAR. Mechanical heart “- the story of four humanoid robots that are stuck on the assembly line of an abandoned toy factory in a deserted automated future. One day, after a failure of the conveyor, the factory appears Doll radically change their usual mechanical lives. Mechanisms robots take on human qualities, unique talents and abilities. Thanks to this mysterious girl, they will know all the nuances of emotions: from admiration to interest, from friendship to love. What is waiting for them, you can find out by buying a ticket to the show.

Who is this story?
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The Staple. Jazz Quartet

The Staple – an original musical project, which united the recognized masters of jazz improvisation in the US and Russia. Each of the members of the quartet is the leader of his own ensemble. In this project, the musicians came together to bring their joint work to a wider audience.

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Faster than rabbits “Quartet i”

Quartet iMoscow theater “Quartet i” is one of his most unusual works, the play in which the actors of the troupe opened in a new way – “Faster than rabbits.” Most viewers, this wonderful quartet of familiar work on the same film, which appeared on the big screen in 2014. The play also was first shown in 2005 and since then goes out of the repertoire. And believe me, watch live the ups and downs of the plot is much more interesting than sitting in a cinema hall. Buy tickets for the play “faster than rabbits,” you can at prices organizers.
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Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis NightIn the near future we will be showing the acclaimed play “Walpurgis Night”, which will give the public a theatrical storm of positive emotions. Above this legendary production team of true professionals, interpreting the well-known story in their own way. Moscow Theatre “Lenkom” – the best place to spend leisure time usefully, watching virtuoso actors and delving into the story setting, audiences are becoming more open and humane. Tickets for the show are on sale, do not miss the chance to see all the eyes. Continue Reading

The winter under the table

Winter under the tableThe unusual statement titled “Winter under the table” is ready to conquer the audience with their uniqueness and the deep meaning of what is happening. Under the guidance of Ludmila Roscovan actors give an atmosphere of unusual stories, which is filled not only with love, but such feelings like insecurity, courage and recklessness. At first glance, the usual formulation has a deep sense of belonging to the inner world of man and his desire to break the chains that fetter its potential and aspirations. It will take place performance “Winter under the table” in the Moscow Drama Theater “The Man.”
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SMIT: 60 minutes tomorrow – Biennale of high technology.
Tickets for the weekend (Friday-Sunday and holidays)

SMITNovember 1, 2015 – January 10, 2016.
On Mondays and every last Friday of the month exhibition is not working.
Opening hours:
11.00-21.00 – Thursday;
10.00-20.00 – in all other days
VIP-ticket for the opening of the Biennale
Includes – visit the main exhibition, free admission to all attractions, souvenir from the organizers of the Biennale.
Cost – 2000 rubles
Tickets for the weekday
The museum is closed on Mondays.
Price – from 590 to 1,500 rubles
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COMEDY CLUBOctober 31, 2015 on the stage of «Crocus City Hall» is traditionally held great autumn show «Comedy Club». The concert will feature the most popular residents: Garik Martirosyan Garik Kharlamov and Timur Batrutdinov Alexander Nezlobin Vadim Galygin, Demis Karibidis Dmitry Grachev, the group «USB», Marina Kravets and many others.
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Verdi Gala. Dinara Alieva

Dinara AlievaDinara Alieva (soprano), Marina ZYATKOVA (soprano), Murat Karahan (tenor), Azer Rzazade (tenor), Avaz Abdulla (baritone)

State Symphony Orchestra of Russia named after Svetlanov
Artistic director – Vladimir Jurowski

Grand Choir “Masters of Choral Singing”
Russian State teleradiotsentra
Artistic Director – Professor Lev Kontorovich

Conductor – Ion Marin (Austria)
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