Goran Bregovic and Pelagia

Goran BregovicExclusive concert by Goran Bregovic in Russia with Russian pop stars
November 10 in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall stage on the eve of the release of his new album, Goran Bregovic, the recognized king of Balkan music, will present a new concert program.
Maestro join the Yugoslav special guest of the concert – Princess recognized Russian folk – Pelagia with his musicians, winners of international competitions.

Pelagia do not need special introduction to the Russian audience. It is his charm and magnificent voice not only earned the love of the vast Russia, but also gained recognition among experts, professionals and audiophiles.
So that is utterly one case – the return of Russian folklore in the context of contemporary music resurgent Russia.
You will enjoy this wonderful combination of Russian folk singing and Balkan tunes!
Goran Bregovic, a musician and composer, known worldwide as the author of music for films, including the soundtrack to the pictures of Emir Kusturica “Time of the Gypsies” and “Arizona Dream” (featuring Iggy Pop and “Underground”). Goran Bregovic is the winner of “Cesar” in the category “Best Soundtrack” and the European Film Awards in the category “Best Composer”.
A resounding success with the public and media enjoyed recently completed a tour of Europe, Goran Bregovic. Many international stars have responded to the invitation to sing along, and now the musician is preparing to release a new album based on the tour. The album is slated for later this year.
Maybe Goran Bregovic repeat his sensational tour and with the stars of Russian pop! In the meantime, as an experiment Balkan musician will perform in Moscow with a big concert, which will perform their most popular hits.
At the concert, the audience will find a lot of surprises! On stage there will be friends Goran Bregovic, popular musicians and performers, whose names are kept secret.

November 10, 2015 20:00
Crocus City Hall

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