GARBAGEBand Garbage arrives in Russia in the framework of a world tour to celebrate November 11 in Crocus City Hall twentieth anniversary release of his first album.

One of the style-forming groups of the late twentieth century in Russia GARBAGE celebrate the anniversary of the release of his debut multi-platinum album «Garbage». This innovative album revolutionized the genre of alternative, it began with a wave of alternative rock with female vocals, based on strong visual images. Drive more than a year spent in the US and UK charts and reached the 20th place in the charts around the world. The album includes the hits for many years to define the style of a variety of musical ensembles, – «Stupid Girl», «Only Happy When It Rains», «Vow» and, of course, «Queer». The album sold around the world with four million copies. It is worthy causes to dedicate the debut album world tour. The tour is named after one of the most popular and perhaps the most characteristic song Garbage «20 Years Queer».

According to critics, the works in Garbage united alternative and pop. Soloist Shirley Manson (Shirley Manson) said many times that the group uses a “futuristic” approach when creating songs, but because of their style of music can be called «sci-fi-pop».

The band’s songs were heard in video games and in the super popular films, «The World Is Not Enough» was the title of one of the films of James Bond. Garbage became a staple of gossip and music esters, and Shirley Manson gained wide popularity even as the first musician who led the online forums.

Preparations for the anniversary tour coincided with the recording of the new album, and Shirley Manson comments on what is happening: “This is the album from which it all started for us, and we look at him with great affection. Really great to come back to these songs while working on the new material: interesting to see how the group retains its essence unchanged while developing. ” Shirley Manson, guitarist Steve Marker (Steve Marker), bassist Duke Erikson (Douglas Elwin «Duke» Erikson), drummer Butch Vig (Butch Vig) is still together and ready to celebrate with Russian fans.

Garbage formed in Madison, Wisconsin. Group received awards MTV Europe Music Awards and was nominated for a Grammy. Albums Garbage times became platinum, and topped the charts in Australia, the UK and the US and among the top five of the US Billboard Top 200, have been nominated for a Grammy and is among the ten best releases of the year by Rolling Stone. Garbage have sold over 17 million albums around the world and performed in 35 countries.

November 11, 2015 20:00
Crocus City Hall

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