Flamenco theater “Andalucia”

flamenco theater "Andalucia"Spanish flamenco theater “Andalucia” – host of the most famous Spanish artists from Granada, working in the genre of flamenco. Performance “The Magic of Flamenco”, which was brought by the Spaniards in Russia – it is a new story, costumes and actors. Statement made in the style zarzuelly – native Spanish genre that combines the performance of vocalists, dialogue and dance inserts. This combination, along with the usual Andalusian Atmospheric immerses the viewer in the Spain of the 17th century and gives a sense of belonging to someone else at the same time close, the hot Spanish culture. Tickets for the performance of “The Magic of Flamenco” sold out quickly – Have time to buy and enjoy the atmosphere of Spanish culture.

The troupe can be seen as already known in Russia the names of David Sorroche and Jorge Sanchez and Christina Aguilera full namesake American singer, Marian Fernandez and Cesar Cubero, and buy tickets for the show “Andalusian” November 8, you can now secure your meeting with idols.

The “magic of flamenco” for the first time on the stage of Russian speech sounds, because along with the troupe of entertainers come leading into the twists and turns of the story in their own language. To feel the creative spirit of Spain, it does not have to go there, enough to buy a ticket to the “Andalusia” in Moscow. Magic Music, enchanting songs and dances, virtuoso improvisation – all this will be part of the performance, which will be held November 8 at 19.00 in NTNMiP “Golden Ring”.

November 8, 2015 19:00
NTNMiP Golden Ring

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