«Classic girls» – From Vivaldi to Rock: Vivaldi, Bach, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana

Classic girlsNew creative project was created in 2011, musician and producer Nikolay Grigoryan.

Group «Classic girls» – one of the most striking and original groups in Russia and abroad, working in the genre classics with a modern twist.

Group «Classic girls» – that’s four young, bright and talented young women playing on the electronic violin, viola, cello and keyboards classical pieces with a modern twist. All the participants of the group are high-end and unique performers. The girls finished the Moscow State. Conservatory and graduate school, are winners of many international competitions.

During the existence of the group «Classic girls» took part in the most prestigious events.

 «Classic girls» took part in a gala concert in the Church of England, dedicated to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, in a concert marking the 60th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II, the Russian Championship, the Championship of Russia and the World Combat Sambo and many other concert programs.

Group «Classic girls» has its own musical style that distinguishes it from other performers. The basis of her repertoire consists of compositions, which are a special alloy of classical and contemporary music played on electronic violin, in the treatment of written specifically for the group of members of the Union of Composers of Russia Natalia Maslova.

 The concert program includes:

 Vivaldi – “Seasons”

WA Mozart – Symphony №40 (part 1)

Ludwig Beethoven baths – Moonlight Sonata (I Movement) –

-Soundtrack From Donizetti to-film “The Fifth Element”

 – “Diva Plavalaguna”

Secret-Garden – «Adagio»

 Puccini – Lauretta’s aria from the opera “Gianni Schicchi”

E.L.Vebber – “Phantom of the Opera”

 E.Marton – Fantasy on Puccini’s “Tosca”

K.Dzhenkins – Allegretto

Led Zeppelin – “Kashmir”


 S. Prokofiev – “Dance of the Knights”

N. Maslov – “Symphony in XXI century”

The concert will take part the soloist

 Chamber Musical Theater Boris Pokrovsky

Winner of the International Competitions

Anastasia Starchikova – soprano

During the concert, free parking in the courtyard of St. Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral

November 12, 2015 19:30
Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew

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